Have you ever seen your voice drawn?
Life is defined by moments of happiness and bliss shared with other people. In these instances we wish to stop the flow of time, and remain forever in the joy of fellow feeling. In these moments we understand that everything around us has a deeper purpose. If only we could utter a spell and somehow draw our voice and capture these precious moments of life!
With personalized gift company Aqua Lingua, we can. Through the media of water and photography, Aqua Lingua transforms your uttered words into artistic pictures, or moments of life. So that the beauty of the moment always remains with you or the ones you care about. Aqua Lingua’s custom personalized gifts are an excellent gift idea for truly special occasions.
Aqua Lingua is a unique patented method that allows to visualize your voice and immortalize life’s precious moments. The method is based on an idea that water hears the human voice, and responds with unique rippling patterns. Once the water responds to your words with movements, the emergent rippling patterns are lit with preferable colour and photographed. In the end, you are presented with a beautiful and captivating picture depicting your words and emotions. Every such original wedding, corporate or anniversary gift has a QR code which, when scanned with a smartphone, replays the original sound recording.
Each picture created through the Aqua Lingua method is a one-of-a-kind object of artistic value. Aqua Lingua wedding and business gift ideas create a real sense of meaning, surprise, and satisfaction when presented as a custom personalized gift to loved ones, friends, colleagues, or business partners. It is also a wonderful wedding gift that can immortalize your wedding vows, and express words of love and devotion through natural and innovative at the same time art. Each picture is unique and inimitable, because each time the water reacts differently depending on the specific voice, music or any sound recording. This is why you can be absolutely sure that your gift will be the most original wedding gift idea or the most unusual corporate gift idea you have ever known before. It is an accurate visual representation of the melody of your speech, the timbre and tone of your voice, and - above all - the meaning and emotion behind the words spoken. Aqua Lingua immortalizes the precious thoughts and moments of life, and unveils a secret connection between human life and the secrets of the universe that are yet to be understood.
Everyone can become an artist and create one of a kind artwork that will fulfill the most selective wishes for wedding gifts ideas or purchase our available range of the best corporate gift ideas from the gallery. Aqua Lingua has already received international recognition and has won multiple awards (World Summit Awards 2013; A‘Design Awards 2014). We are especially proud of the fact that Aqua Lingua pictures are framed on the walls of UNESCO and NASA headquarters. We believe that there is no better way to express yourself than saying it.
Contact us: +370 699 12 225, +370 699 25 225; e-mail: aqua@aqualingua.org
Patented method of creation. Copyright supervision: GLIMSTEDT; IP Forma
No digital montage used in the artworks
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